1) Formulate the industrial development plan and lawyer practice criteria for Shenzhen.
2) Support the lawyers to practice according to law, and uphold the legal rights of the lawyers.
3) Guide and inspect the normative construction work of the law firms.
4) Be responsible for the education, inspection and supervision of the professional ethics and practice disciplines.
5) Carry out lawyer service discussion, and summarize and exchange work experience of lawyers.
6) Carry out pre-job training for those who have achieved the legal professional qualification or lawyer qualification and expect to take up the lawyer profession.
7) Accept the complaints against the members.
8) Reconcile the dispute that occurs between the members during the practice.
9) Formulate and implement the industrial award/punishment regulations for members.
10) Propagandize the work of lawyers and publish journals of lawyers.
11) Organize the members to carry out external exchange.
12) Carry out cultural & sports activities, host welfare campaigns, and organize mutual aid in the industry.
13) Formulate the guideline of legal fees for the lawyer industry.
14) Coordinate the relationship between legislation, jurisdiction, and administrative organs, and expand and regulate the legal service market.
15) Exercise other responsibilities authorized by Shenzhen jurisdictional/administrative organs and the superior lawyers association.
16) Assume other responsibilities stipulated by the laws and regulations of the State and Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

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